Skye Wesson has everything going for her:  beauty, power, money and a lot of self confidence.  The only thing she's missing in life is that one man who can make her heart beat out of control without ever saying a word.  That is until the very sexy and handsome Steven McKain walks into her life.  He's her new boss, and he's out to set her body, mind and heart on fire.  But before Skye can open up and let Steven love her, she has to gt rid of dirty little secret that has scarred her life and could cause her to lose everything she has worked so hard to get.  She only has three choices;  pretend she doesn't care about Steven, work her butt off to keep her skeletons in the closet or do what she should have done a long time ago and clean out her closet.  Can Skye stand to lose all her material possessions for love, or is money really the root of all evil?

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Skye's His Limit:
ISBN: 978-0-9786980-0-3

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Mary Otway on Jun 11th 2018

I was actually hooked on the first sentence, and then I continued to be interested because I wanted to know what the secret was. Stephanie took me on a journey before revealing the secret. I had not expected that because I had thought something else like perhaps Sable was her daughter (although I thought it not possible due to age gap - but my guesses were way off). I loved the humor and the romance. Overall, I loved it and will continue to read anything (books, magazine, posts, letters) written by Stephanie. Great Job on this Skye's his limit. BTW - great title. I actually judged the book by the cover and I was not wrong. Great read. Moving on to Sable's Karma.