Stephanie is excited to finally reveal the cover of her newest novel, 

A Gift and a Curse...Renata's Story




Q:  When you were thinking of what you wanted for this cover what did you envision?

Stephanie:  When I envisioned the cover I always knew I wanted it to be two-sided.  I hate boring looking covers where it's just a half naked guy and a girl, so I'm always trying to push the envelope with my covers.  I really wanted something different and special.  Essentially, Renata has so many layers to who she is and I wanted a cover that really showcased the difficult decisions that she will face in the novel.  


Q:  What did it take to get to the final cover?

Stephanie:  My cover artist, Josh and I have worked together on all my books.  We're pretty much to the point now where I can just ramble off the mess I see in my head and somehow he goes back to his sketch pad and makes what I say a reality.  I'm a word person so it's hard for me sometimes to switch to the visual side of things.  This particular cover was a lot like when we did Skye.  That cover was tough because we had to get Skye just right and we wanted to show this strong woman on the cover and it was a lot of elements that came with that one.  So, Renata, like Skye went through MANY different versions.  We started with wildflowers on the left side, Renata has been changed a few times, the font and spacing of the title and my name changed, Renata's hair has literally been in about twenty different styles and we also had to change her features a couple of times as well.


Q:  Talk to us about the eyes?

Stephanie:  When I talked to Josh, I told him that I wanted Carson (Renata's love interest) to be somewhere on the cover.  We kind of did that imagery on Sable and it worked really well.  Josh is very creative like me and he takes on this project like his own and I think he also wanted to do something different.  So, he put Carson on the cover but all you see are his eyes.  I personally loved it as soon as I saw it, because I've read the book...(LOL) and it just makes sense to me.   I'm really funny about faces on covers so outside of Skye my readers should pretty much expect to NEVER see faces on any of my books.  I prefer for my readers to create their own person in their head based off my descriptions in the book.


Q:  So are you going to give us anything about what exactly is the gift and the curse Renata is facing?  And can we get some hints on the meaning behind the two sided cover?

Stephanie:  Well,  I'll give you one detail and that's it... YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK!