Author Stephanie L Partee

Hopefully, if you are aspiring to be a published author you ave some type of plan.  Whether you plan to go the traditional or self published way, the name of the game is to get your story from the computer to your customer.  You've worked hard, you've spent years questioning yourself and now you're ready for your reward.  The bad news is the work has just started, the good news is that in this game you can start one way and end another.

Published author Stephanie L Partee is the mother of five children and holds down a full time job, but that hasn't stopped her from following her dreams.  She began writing at age ten and never looked back.  In July 2016 she self published her first novel, "Love's Bullet" and followed it with its sequel, "The Street's Royalty Saga" in August 2017.  Just recently she announced that she signed a three book deal with Reverie Publishing.  I was so excited to hear this good news, because Stephanie is such a real and inspirational person.  I knew she would be the perfect author to start my It's Time to Get Published, series.  She took some time out of her day and agreed to share the details of her  path to success.

Me:  First, let me say I'm so happy about your new book deal.  To be able to get recognized and have a publishing company want to invest in your work is such a HUGE deal.  How did this all happen?

SLP: Ahhh thank you.  Well, getting the book deal was actually pretty simple, if you can believe it, LOL. I had submitted to one publisher and never heard anything back. So, I saw on Facebook that this other company was looking for authors and taking submissions. I sent in five chapters and the publisher loved them. They offered me a three book deal with a signing bonus for each book. I looked over the contract, signed and got the ball rolling. It’s not a major publishing company, but they have other authors that are also doing really well in the market. 

Me:  Wow, that is very simple.  I'm currently doing a series as you know called, It's Time to Get Published and as I explained to my followers, typically publishing houses ask for an agent or query letter.  Were you required to submit a letter as well?

SLP:  No query letter.

Me:  You already have two novels that you self-published.  We're going to get more into that in a bit, but is part of your contract with Reverie Publishing, that they take those novels under their umbrella as well?

SLP:  I am doing all new material, although they said down the line I could switch my other work over as well.  The great part about my contract and signing to Reverie is that they are going to handle the marketing, promotion, editing and covers.  Which, as you know is a large part of the book publishing process.

Me:  There's a lot of thought that goes into "how" you want to publish your book.  You chose to self-publish your first two novels.  What made you choose that option initially?

SLP:  I self published because at the time when I was pursuing options most publishers wanted me to pay them and I didn't know much about the whole game then. Self publishing just became a simpler and cheaper route to go.

Me:  I know your first two books are on Amazon.  Did you only do eBooks or paperback as well.

SLP:  I had both paperback and digital.

Me:  When you submitted to Reverie Publishing was your plan always to eventually work with a publisher, or was this a coincidence?

SLP:  Well I thought about starting my own publishing company. But then I thought, "Hey, you don’t have time for that right now. Just sign with someone for now and go from there."

Me:  I think it's awesome that you have pretty much made your own may.  A lot of times people are afraid to start self publishing because they don't want to get pigeonholed in that arena.  But it says a lot that you went out, proved yourself and then took your work and used it as a bargaining tool to ultimately get what you want.  What advice would you give to aspiring writers looking to figure out how to achieve the success that you have.

SLP:  I would advise them to make sure they are ready, because it’s not an easy world to break into. But if you wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it, you should never give up, if it’s something you are genuinely passionate about. I had a lot of self doubt and it took someone giving me a swift kick in the butt ,who believed in me and said, "get out there and try,"  I was scared and really didn't know if this really was the best thing for me to do for my family or myself.

Me:  When can we expect to see your first book released through Reverie Publishing?

SLP:  The dates haven't been locked in, but I would estimate within the next month or so.

Me:  Where can people find you and your work right now?

SLP:  On Instagram at and also on Amazon at

Me:  Let me again congratulate you.  I'm so proud of you and happy for you.  Thank you for taking the time to speak to my followers.  I think it's powerful to hear other people's stories so that they can formulate their own ideas and path.  You know I'm buying the first book.  I love you to death.  

SLP:  Ahhh love you too.  No problem and any time.  Thank you for the love.

Stephanie, is a great example of how things can change in this game.  The publishing world is changing so much and so many new opportunities are being opened.  It's up to you to seize the moment.  The path you start, may not always be the path you end up on, but you have to start somewhere.  

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