You want to be a published writer...but how?

I've been blessed and had the extreme privilege of so many of my readers, followers and supporters turning to me for advice about writing their own novels.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to see so many people wanting to explore this wonderful world of writing that I get to live in.  With so many stories running through everyone's head the question always comes down to, "how do I get published?"

I can't tell you how many times I get asked that in a day.  It's a honest question and one I'm prepared to explore during my new 8 week series, It's Time to Get Published.  During the next weeks I'm taking on everything writing and publishing.  I'm answering questions, bringing the front-runners in this business to you and also giving you the tools you need to publish your novel!  So let's get started.

There's two ways to go get your masterpiece published and into the hands of your readers  You can either go the traditional publishing route or you can self-publish.  I will admit the latter is closer to my heart, because that's the option I chose.  When you self publish your novel here are the things that you can expect...

  1. Total autonomy
  2. Total commission (meaning you don't have to share your sales with anyone)
  3. You are now apart of the entrepreneur world
  4. You get the satisfaction of doing your book, your way.
  5. You will have to front the entire bill for your book
  6. You will have to find an editor, cover artist, interior designer or figure out how to do all these things on your own.
  7. You'll need a printer
  8. You will be responsible for selling your book.  Which means you will not only be the writer and boss, but you're also the marketing team and public relations specialist.

Self-publishing is definitely more of a gamble, but there are MANY writers now that enjoy seeing their books in bookstores, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other mediums.  Many book retailers have come up with ways to accept self publishing authors, especially after many publishing companies started making cut backs as they met their fierce competitor---eBooks. So, don't count out self-publishing.  I will be featuring more information on this topic.

Traditional publishing is the founding father of getting your book to the masses.  Essentially, a publisher offers the author a contract and in return they print, publish and sell your book.  Traditional publisher usually have the means and connections to get your novels in bookstores and depending on the company they should also have a marketing budget for all those signings you've just been waiting to do.  In order for you to attract the attention for most of these publishers you will need an agent.  Some have changed their style and actually have a process now for authors to contact them and have this opportunity.  Again, when  you're fighting against Amazon, you kind of have to make some changes in your business model.  Keep mind mind that when you go this route, the publisher is buying the rights to your book and will pay you royalties based on your sales.  The major plus to traditional publishing is that you don't have to put any money up.  You write, release and wait for your royalty checks.  The down side is that everyone will have their hands in your novel profit.  The wholesaler, distributor, bookstore and publisher will need to get paid before you see a penny.  Also remember that you don't get to control the price, the publisher sets that as well.

As you can see that either of these options have their plus and minus.  Whether you pay your money up front or you don't pay any at all, you will still want to research this entire process and familiarize yourself with the publishing game.  You have worked long and hard to see your book published, you owe it to yourself and your legacy to make sure that you are placing your baby in the right hands.  Whether traditional or self publishing, you can succeed!

Make sure you check back as I will be showcasing authors who have traveled the path of both traditional and self publishing.  Also subscribe to my YouTube channel, which you can find in the Information Tab to get more tips on writing and publishing.

See you soon!