A Personal Look in my life...Love Letters

So, although I’m a writer I don’t claim to be a poet. But I will admit, I love the written word. There have been times in my life where the only way I survived was through connecting words together. As a personal gift to all my readers I’m sharing for the FIRST time a few of my poems that I have written through my life and that describe my views on love, relationships, hurt and pain. Enjoy my love letters to those I love, lost and found.

King Me

July 31, 2008

It’s okay for your man to be your king

As long as you know you’re his queen

Its okay to realize that true love is not just a dream

As long as you know you have a lot to bring

There’s nothing wrong with catering to your man

Especially if you want him to ask for your hand

There’s nothing wrong with losing a few friends

Especially if their presence forces your relationship to a dead end

There’s nothing wrong with holding your man up

Especially when there will be some hiccups

There’s nothing wrong with being a freak

Especially if you plan to be his only treat

There’s nothing wrong with giving your man space

Especially if you’re at home waiting for him in nothing but lace

There’s nothing wrong with a man who has his “boys”

Especially if you’re looking to keep your “toys”

There’s nothing wrong with saying I love you first

Especially if you’re trying to get over your past relationship’s curse

There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself out there

Especially if you expect him to care

There’s nothing wrong with cherishing your man

Especially if you know you can

There’s nothing wrong with being sexy

Especially if you want him to treat you sexy

To have your Mr. Right

You don’t have to be that bright

You don’t have to read a book

Or even know how to cook

But you do have to treat him like a king

And understand that you are his queen

And know that life is not always cookies and cream

But together it can feel like one mind blowing dream