Stephanie Deniese Brown


Stephanie Deniese Brown, a native of Hampton, VA has always loved creative writing.  From romance to mystery to short stories she has dipped her pen in all styles of writing.

Stephanie began writing her first novel when she was 21 years old, a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA.  At first, the story was for recreational purposes and was meant to live in Stephanie's computer, but after researching how to publish a novel, Stephanie decided that she wanted to release her masterpiece to the world.

In 2005, Stephanie opened Independence Publishing, TLR (IPTLR) and decided that she was going to self-publish books through her own company.  The publishing company was not only a dream come true but the name represented the ideology that Stephanie wanted to showcase through her novels.  Before she started working on her own story, Stephanie used to visit the local library near her apartment at VCU.  She would use her library membership to check out as many romance novels as she possibly could.  At the time, the library used to allow for a max of ten books to be checked out at a time.  So, Stephanie would get her ten, read all of the books in a day or so and go back and get a fresh set of ten.  Within months, she had read every romance novel in the library.  She was so filled up on reading everyone else’s story that she decided to write her own.  As she began pouring her story line into paper, the one thing Stephanie realized when reading the romance titles in the library, was that she was crazy about the stories, where the women were as equal as their love interest.  Stephanie thought the best romances were not necessarily where the man rushes in and saves the poor, weak female but rather it was really the stories where the characters had a genuine respect for one another.  So, when it was time to create IPTLR, Stephanie wanted to make sure her company focused on portraying strong, independent and powerful women.  To further solidify the purpose of her company, Stephanie added the letters TLR because the letters represented three women in her life, who believed in her talent and helped make her dream of being a writer and publisher a reality.  (T) Teressa, her grandmother, (R) Regina and (L) Libby; her great cousins.  Unfortunately, none of the women lived to see IPTLR or the release of Stephanie's debut novel, Skye's His Limit which was published on August 23, 2005.  However, Stephanie has made sure that their spirit always remains alive through the company and her writings.  Stephanie took great pride in her debut novel and toured the country promoting the book and spoke at various book club events, as well as a number of youth awareness and community programs.  For her time devoted to the community, Stephanie was presented a Humanitarian Award from Hampton University's Sista II Sista Chapter in 2006.

"Skye's His Limit" received high reviews from her readers and Stephanie went back in the lab shortly after its release to write out the second installment in her series.  In 2008, Sable's Karma...The Secret's OUT was released.  The novel placed as a finalist in the National Indie Book Awards.  "The contest honors small to mid-size presses and independent and self-publishers who are emerging as significant forces in the book-publishing world."  Receiving this national award was a great honor for Stephanie.

After promoting her highly successful second novel, Stephanie took a break from publishing and ventured into other businesses and even started a new career.  After her ten-year hiatus, Stephanie is back on the scene and is releasing the highly anticipated third installment of the Wesson Family Saga in 2018.

Stephanie currently resides in Richmond with her husband, children and her adorable little cat, CiCi.