Renata, fresh off a divorce and ready to start a new life, with no distractions finds immediate trouble the second she accepts a job from Carson Becker.  Carson is established, powerful and most of all rich.  All the things Renata is not and that makes her feel unworthy of his love.  But Carson doesn't care about her pocketbook, he sets out to capture her mind, body and soul.  Just as he gets Renata to let her guard down and things start sizzling in the bedroom and boardroom, secrets are unleashed that threaten to take away everything these two have built.  When power and insecurities threaten a relationship, everything comes down to figuring out if the love you share is really a gift or a curse.

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Tinesha Pinkney on Apr 24th 2018

This book was amazing!!! It's nothing more you can ask for !! I finished the book in 1 day . It just left me anxious for what will happen in the next book . I want to know what happens with Renata will she find out she is pregnant live happily ever after . Jayda oh Jayda what have you got your self into